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Chemical Abstracts Service, November 2005

«Biologically active food additives»

In recently became as never actual problem of the reconstruction function organ and systems of the human organism responsible for adaptation to disadvantage factor surrounding ambiences and reconstruction to capacity to work. One of the most efficient ways of recovery of the population consists in broad using natural biological regulators, which are at present presented it is enough broad assortment biologically active food additives. Hereto practically new direction in clinical and preventive medicine is attracted attention scientist, specialist and companies-producers in all developed country of the world.

BAD present itself clearly dosage, produced in the manner of capsules, tablets, extract and others, suitable forms for receiving preparations, being good facility further to traditional product. They help the quick liquidation practically any deficit microelements, are leading facility of the maintenance of health of the population in ecological disadvantage regions, in extreme situations, as well as where high-priced medical help inaccessible.

BAD subdivides on nutricevtiki and рarafarmacevtiki.

Nutricevtiki - BAD, applicable for correcting the chemical composition of the food of the person. This sources vitamin, have eaten unsaturated fat acids, macro- and microelements, food filaments, other food material.

Parafarmacevtiki - BAD, applicable for preventive maintenance, auxiliary therapy and maintenances to functional activity organ and systems. The Physiological level of the contents acting began the many рarafarmacevtiks in hutch and fabrics organism not studied, is either as not explored in sufficient degree physiological need for them adult sound person. Besides, beside rather big amount BAD until active components are identified i.e. acting beginning. The Example of such join can serve the extracts, got from complex food and medicinal plants, the other type natural cheese.

For the last decennial event industry biologically active additives to food changed in one of most dynamics developing branches. An Unknown earlier notion "biologically active additives to food" now introduce; make familiar with practically each, and many their use.

The History BAD leaves their own root in deep antiquity. What show witness the ancient chinese, ancient greek and medieval medical disquisitions, on length many millennium by main medical facility for person served . the food! Yes, yes, exactly by means of different type of the food of the ancient person tried to adjust its health. However that to recall about our limit if and we themselves, in spite of the whole progress of the medical science, hitherto continue to use the natural food additives, which history counts the thousand of the years. This and "onion from seed ill", and garlic, and raspberry, and wild rose, and honey. Really, experience of the use medical-preventive characteristic of the food counts, to say the least, several millennium. However only on border 19 and 20 ages public wisdom has found power of the scientific fact. Exactly at that time, due to development of the chemical science, from the most different food-stuffs were chosen so named biologically active material, which and define medical-preventive effects of the food. Exactly at that time appeared first biologically active preparations, or, as we presently their name, biologically active additives to food. Chosen directly from food-stuffs or synthesized chemical way biologically active material and, first of all, vitamins have produced the persisting revolution in medicine begin 20 ages. Many diseases Were run, earlier scanned cureless. However, to great regret, as from 1950-h years, this perspective direction was forgotten. This is because hereto time were a synthesized first pharmacological preparations, which, what seemed, were in groups of ten once more efficient. The Persons have possessed the most complex pharmacological technology, began to create "medicine future" and became to look at biologically active material of the food as on instruments of the stone age.

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