Исследование воздействия внешних факторов на амилазу слюны

This became one of the reason that food ceased be considered as the source medical-preventive material. The Result were a sharp change (what turned out to be later, not in the best side) in ration of the feeding the population. Then all was believed that possibility to pharmacology boundless. Seemed that new high efficient pharmaceuticals will help quickly and without labour to win any disease.

However already to medium 1970-h years were realized that pharmacological preparations far from so mighty. Moreover, someone else organism person synthetics materials started to cause the large number of the complications and allergic reaction. But the most disheartening opening was that one of the main of the reasons of the most wide-spread diseases became sharp change the nature of the feeding and deficit majority biologically active component of the food.

As a result formed absolutely paradoxical situation. The Persons have to was now synthesize all new and new medicine only to cope the most important biologically active material with consequence of the deficit moreover far from always successfully and quite often price heavy side effect. Necessary was find output thereof vicious circle. However change the established ration and return to lost food tradition was already impossible on the strength of worked out habit, on the strength of employment of the modern person, on the strength of limited assortment of the available products and etc. Fortunately, modern technologies, and including unoriginal from pharmacology, allowed now to synthesize or select from food-stuffs majority irreplaceable biologically active material of the food directly.

So, on border 1970-80-h years were as one should begin new greater class medical-preventive facilities, which have got the name biologically active additives to food.

You will return to answer to question. Certainly, use BAD without consultation with physician can only sound people, not taking medicinal preparation since components BAD can interact with medicinal facility, changing their activity. The interaction BAD has Special importance with medicine. In such event, in order to avoid developments undesirable effect, consultation with physician is necessary. So, licorice enlarges the loss a potassium at combination with purgative linseed can delay suction a medicine. Previously than begin to take the рarafarmacevtiks of the facility, also necessary consultation of the physician for determination of the evidences and revealing the contraindications beside each concrete person, explanations recommendation on using depending on flap, age, presence of the accompanying diseases, dachas of the feature separate component, being included in BAD.

As a rule, spreading not always have such information. Moreover, they can recommend BAD only for removal some signs. For instance, for deliverance from spare weight to all obese people recommend to use so named "burnings of fat", acceptance which not always brings about expected result since factors obesities include not only surplus feeding. The Obesity can result from row endocrine frustration, and in this case necessary, first of all, it is correct to diagnose the main disease and conduct it treatment.

So follows attentively to study manual an use BAD, check presence a certificate (all BAD are subjected to the obligatory expert estimation and hygienic certificate). And, certainly, consult with physician. Thereby, the new problems will too get up before physician since they must check use sick BAD and give the literate consultations upon their using. [17]

Chemical Abstracts Service, Ноябрь 2005

«Биологически активные пищевые добавки»

В последнее время стала как никогда актуальной задача восстановления функций органов и систем человеческого организма, ответственных за адаптацию к неблагоприятным факторам окружающей среды и восстановление работоспособности. Один из самых эффективных путей оздоровления населения состоит в широком применении природных биорегуляторов, которые в настоящее время представлены достаточно широким ассортиментом биологически активных пищевых добавок. К этому практически новому направлению в клинической и профилактической медицине привлечено внимание ученых, специалистов и фирм-производителей во всех развитых странах мира.

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